PROPERTY MANAGMENT Management Services

Management Services The Whangarei Property Rentals Difference

Considering having your rental property managed by a professional company?

Look no further! Here at Whangarei Property Rentals we are experienced, we are friendly, and most of all we are enthusiastic!
Allow us to manage your rental property, and enjoy the following benefits:



  • The team at Whangarei Property Rentals have specific management and real-estate experience combined with the latest property management training available.

  • Our team will approach the management of your property in the same way they would manage a successful business.

  • We have practical knowledge of matters relating to housing and grounds maintenance, construction and repair.


  • Tenants are required to complete a comprehensive tenancy application document which will be checked to verify their identity and the information they have supplied.

  • We will ensure every property is tenanted by the best tenant available.

  • We will lease your property for the rental amount nominated in the Management Agreement between us or higher if the market justifies it.


  • We will erect a ‘For Rent’ sign on your property once we list a new management, or whenever a tenant advises us they will be vacating.

  • We will conduct an unlimited number of private viewings of your property until the property is leased (subject to access provided to us by any current occupant).

  • All property viewings will be carried out by one of our representatives (we do not give out keys to prospective tenants).


  • We primarily advertise for tenants on the internet and on display in our office.

  • We advertise for tenants on our website,, TradeMe and on display in our office. We also promote our Property Management services and properties on our Facebook and other social media sites.